Rongomai takes on Red Nose Day

Rongomai takes on Red Nose Day

Alleena Stewart, a teacher at Rongomai School, first got in touch with Cure Kids during our 2021 Red Nose Day campaign. They had some cool plans lined up, including selling toffee apples and dressing in red.

Red Nose Day 2021 came and went, and it's safe to say the school went all out and raised an amazing $1,020! With a roll of only 196, this meant that they raised $5.20 per student, making them the winners of our top fundraiser per student prize.

Thanks to our partner, Briscoe Group, we were able to deliver them a bunch of sports balls for their sports shed.

We stayed in touch throughout the year, and Alleena had even bigger plans for Red Nose Day 2022. Another one of our partners, LEGO, was keen to get involved. So, during Red Nose week, we ran a LEGO School Day where students built their happy place, and each student went home with a set of LEGO.

Rongomai School also ran a Spell-a-thon (for students AND teachers!), raising an outstanding $5,797, with an average of $29.5 per student, making them the winners once again for the top fundraiser per student prize!

One of their students, Ivy-Rose, raised an outstanding $580 all on her own and won a Kelly Tarlton's family pass.

Following the LEGO day, students kept building on the project and wrote stories about their happy place that they had built.

Their spirit and generosity are truly unmatched. Well done!

Rebel Sport Riccarton

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