Red Nose

Get ready to be epic! Host your own fundraising event or challenge this Red Nose Day.

Red Nose

Dare to do something outrageous or courageous: shave your hair, grow a red beard, push your fitness limits, or give up something you love. Join us in making a difference! Sign up now for Red Nose Day and inspire others to join the fun.

5 easy steps to get involved!

  1. Choose the date

    Red Nose Day is Friday 5th July 2024, but the appeal runs throughout the month of July so you can choose a day that best suits you.

  2. Choose a fundraising idea

    Have a browse below for some mighty inspiration!

  3. Register yourself

    We just need a few details to get you up and running

  4. Set up a Raisely fundraising page

    It takes only 2 minutes, and you’ll be all set!

  5. Promote your fundraiser

    You’ll be sent a toolkit filled with resources and ideas when you register.

Community fundraising ideas

Let the inspiration flow with these starter ideas!

Challenge yourself

Set up a personal or workplace challenge - learn a skill or accomplish something new. Ask your peers to donate in support!

Dress in red

Hold a red mufti day at school or work and encourage everyone to donate in support.

Get active

Get moving. Host a walk, fun run, wheels day, or even a dance off!

Get baking

Who doesn’t love yummy treats? Bake something at home to sell at school or work.

Give up something

Ditch the alcohol, the junk food or even the car for the month of July. If you break the challenge, the fine is a donation to Red Nose Day.

Host an event

Organise a range of fun activities like face painting, a disco or a talent quest.

Need help promoting your fundraiser?

Try our snazzy downloadable resources - poster, support doc, social tiles and more!

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Register yourself to fundraise

We just need a few details to get you registered. Once you’ve done that, feel free to set up your fundraising page. Easy as!

Fundraising via Raisely

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Caoimhe Seoige

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