Red Nose Day is Cure Kids biggest annual appeal, and this September we need your help to raise $1 million for child health research.

When: Red Nose Day is throughout the month of September, with Red Nose Day itself falling on September 29th.

Why: To raise $1 million for child health research.

How do I get involved: Organise your school, business or community to host a fundraiser, get a red nose, volunteer, or donate.


How you’re making a difference

Since 1971, we have invested nearly $40 million into research which has helped shape and change the way children who live with serious diseases and health conditions are diagnosed and treated.

Some of the health research projects we have funded, or are currently funding include inherited heart conditions, childhood cancers, cystic fibrosis, sudden unexpected death in infancy, childhood cancers, stillbirth, burns, and mental health, among many others.

The outcomes of Cure Kids-funded medical research are everywhere, and thousands of us are alive and healthier today because of them. But we need your help to do so much more. There is vital medical research that needs to be done, yet is stalled, simply due to lack of funding.

With your help this Red Nose Day, we’re determined to change this and continue to make a difference to the health of children.

Why we need your support

Every year


  • Babies are stillborn

Every year


  • New Zealanders live with cystic fibrosis.

Every year


  • Children are diagnosed with cancer

Every year


  • Children experience a mental health issue

Every year


  • Children are currently overweight or obese

Every year


  • Children develop epilepsy